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Etta, Etc.: The Fall, by J.M.McDole


In the months since the Iteratio virus struck America, the population has done its best to maintain normality, but venture outside the cities and the fractures are showing… people left mere echoes and shadows of themselves – or worse, in a rabid half-life… When Etta Van Helter is forced to return to the home of her deceased uncle in the Iowa plains, she experiences first-hand how much – and how fast – the rural areas are changing. In one single week Etta – and the few remaining residents of Silver Pond – will learn that there is danger from the living, the dead, and those caught forever in-between.

About the author:

J.M. McDole lives in her native state of Iowa. She is currently pursuing degrees in both English and Cultural Anthropology through Ashford University in Clinton, Iowa. Etta, Et Cetera: The Fall is her first novella and her second book. Her first work of fiction was a volume of poetry, flash fiction, and short stories entitled Echoes and Shadows. For more information about the author and her current and upcoming projects, visit her Facebook page at

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