Emma Stone Talks The Croods, Breakthroughs And The Dark Side Of The Internet

After a rocky start, Emma Stone broke through with her first film role in the Judd Apatow-produced comedy Superbad. Now one of the Hollywood's brightest rising stars, she talks about her performance as the feisty cave girl Eep, in her first animated feature The Croods, and reveals why she tries not to read about herself online.

This was your first animated feature. Was it what you were expecting?

“The experience was a lot more like traditional acting than I expected. The first year of the project I would go in and I would voice Eep in this higher cartoonish register. And then once I saw some of the animation and I saw her build, it felt like she should have a lower register. So I ended up having to make it a lot truer to life.”

Did you have to record it again?

“Yeah, but they kept elements. And that's part of the difference in animation, too, that you do want to have that range of character in your voice and not necessarily just because you can't express everything physically, even though the animator is incredible and is animating to your facial expressions, a lot of the time.”

Eep's athletic, brave, curious and independent – did you relate?

“Am I athletic? No. Brave? I hope so. You know, I've never been incredibly physically strong. I'm a bit more willowy in build. But I like to think I'm strong in character and in spirit.”

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