Kicking off over level of violence

STEPHEN APPLEBAUM, The West Australian August 22, 2013, 8:59 am
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With a title like Kick-Ass, Matthew Vaughn's 2010 film of Mark Millar's cult comic book was never going to pander to finer sensibilities.
Like its source, the movie's tale of an ordinary teen turned wetsuit- wearing crime fighter was funny, foul-mouthed, and filled with deliriously splattery ultra-violence that exposed the phoniness of most Hollywood superhero movies. Bullets and knives did real damage. Characters got hurt. And died.

Oddly, though, it was a C-bomb dropped by Chloe Grace Moretz's 11-year-old assassin Hit-Girl that caused most outrage. Never mind that she also lopped off limbs with a double-edged blade and coolly shot a line of goons in the head.

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