Peter Sarsgaard: Getting Sleazy In Lovelace

Peter Sarsgaard: Doing sex scenes is uncomfortable. Doing violence is even more uncomfortable

Does your wife Maggie Gyllenhaal like it? Yeah, my wife’s groovy.

An Education and Lovelace suggest you’re drawn to nasty characters. Is that true? I don’t think of the guy in An Education as nasty. He just wants something he can’t have. The guy in Lovelace, Chuck Traynor, suffers from wild insecurity. He never grew up from being six years old and little boys hit out if they don’t like something. The only similarity is I’m an older man and they’re both younger women.

Could you relate to Traynor’s flaws? It’s so easy to tap into feelings such as jealousy and envy, they’re right up any actor’s alley. And everyone has those. You can lie to yourself and say you’re someone who doesn’t have inappropriate desires but it’s about acknowledging that you have and saying that you do.

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